IBL Resources

Many other people and organizations are providing support and valuable resources in support of Inquiry-Based Learning. We list a collection of resources that we're aware of. Please send us additional resources that you have found valuable (Contact us).

Inquiry-Based Learning at the College-level

Discovering the Art of Mathematics: www.artofmathematics.org
Pedagogy: Mentoring, resources, videos, blogs for Inquiry Based Learning
Materials: Mathematics for Liberal Arts
AIBL: Academy of Inquiry Based Learning: www.inquirybasedlearning.org
Mentoring, small grants, visiting speakers, workshops, ...
Process oriented guided inquiry learning: POGIL.org
For example: Calculus I, Wiley Custom Books
Math for Liberal Arts: Introduction to Game Theory: a Discovery Approach
Open Access IBL materials for Math for Liberal Arts: Game Theory, from Jennifer Firkins Nordstrom, Linkins College (interactive online and static PDF versions)
Desmos Class Online Activities -- Algebra, Functions, and Pre-Calculus: teacher.desmos.com
Student-centered, online activities for Algebra, Functions, and Pre-Calculus (w/ diagnostic teacher tools).
Pre-Calculus (Mairead Green & Paula Shorter, Rockhurst U): iblcalculus.com/precalculus
Student-centered, in-class activities for Pre-Calculus, accompanied by instructor support materials.
Pre-Calculus (Philip DeOrsey, Westfield State University): https://www.artofmathematics.org/sites/default/files/precalculus-pdo.pdf
Student-centered, in-class activities for Pre-Calculus
Pre-Calculus Workbook (Matt Jones and Sharon Lanaghan, Cal State Dominguez Hills):
Student-centered, in-class activities for Pre-Calculus: Pre-Calc Workbook Fall 2017.
IBL Calculus (Mairead Green & Paula Shorter, Rockhurst U): iblcalculus.com
Student-centered, in-class activities for a year-long Calculus I and Calculus II sequence, accompanied by instructor support materials.
Calculus (Yousuf George, Nazareth College):
The materials engage students in problem solving and presenting their thinking in class. Submitted for publication in the Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics. Email cgeorge0@naz.edu to ask for a copy of the materials.
"Active Calculus (Matt Boelkins, Grand Valley State University):
Student-centered, in-class activities for a year-long Calculus I, II, III sequence:
Active Learning Calculus (Boulder/Omaha Active Learning Alliance): http://math.colorado.edu/activecalc/
Student-centered, in-class activities for a year-long Calculus I and Calculus II sequence
IBL Multivariable Calculus (draft) (Christine von Renesse, Amy Ksir, Mairead Greene): IBL Multivariable Calculus (draft PDF)
Student-centered, in-class activities for multivariable calculus
Linear Algebra (Mairead Greene & Paula Shorter, Rockhurst U
Understanding Linear Algebra (David Austin)

Linear Algebra (IOLA, VT)
Linear Algebra, DE, Calc III (Elisabeth Thoren, UCSB)
Email Elisabeth Thoren, UCSB.
Teaching Abstract Algebra for Understanding (TAAFU)
Journal for Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics, JIBLM.org:
Variety of Materials for upper level IBL mathematics courses, IBL Calculus, IBL Statistics,...
Introduction to Statistics: Openintro Statistics (Diez et al)
Elementary Statistics IBL Notes, Catherine Dillard, Holyoke Community College, MA
Pre-midterm packet (Word) (Pre-midterm 1 (pdf), pre-midterm 2 (pdf)), Post-midterm packet (Word) (pdf), Statistical Research Article
An Introduction to Proof via Inquiry-Based Learning, https://github.com/dcernst/IBL-IntroToProof
Notes by Dana Ernst
Resources from Prof. Annalisa Crannell, https://www.fandm.edu/annalisa-crannell/course-materials
Includes Abstract Algebra, Analysis, Calculus and more
Mathematics for future elementary and secondary Math Teachers (University of Wisconsin) https://uwosh.edu/mathematics/outreach/big-ideas/
Includes Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Stats, College Algebra

High School & (Community) College

"College Algebra," Big Ideas in Mathematics, Oshkosh, Wisconsin https://uwosh.edu/mathematics/outreach/big-ideas/
Inquiry-based textbook for College Algebra, which takes a similar approach as the "Big Ideas" series from the same authors, adapting many of the same activities from the Modern Algebra textbook, but aimed at a general College Algebra audience. "Big Ideas College Algebra" is available for download from the above link.
"Meaningful Math" based on the IMP Interactive Mathematics Program: publisher: http://activatelearning.com/meaningful-math/
Either: integrated 4-year mathematics; Or separated into Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II.
Connected Mathematics: https://connectedmath.msu.edu/
Complete problem-centered middle school mathematics curriculum.
Interactive Mathematics: https://www.intmath.com/
Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, ...
Problem-based Curricula: https://www.carmelschettino.org/
Incl. geometry, honors geometry, algebraic geometry, ...
NRICH - Rich mathematical tasks (K-16) http://nrich.maths.org/
NRICH promotes the learning of mathematics through problem solving.
Core-Plus Mathematics http://core-plusmath.org/
Problem-based and inquiry-oriented curriculum for the 4 years of high school, NSF funded.
College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) https://cpm.org/
Problem-based curriculum for middle and high school
Exeter Materials https://www.exeter.edu/mathproblems
Problem Sets for High School

Middle School and Highschool

Illustrative Mathematics https://im.kendallhunt.com/MS/index.html
Middle School curriculum, inquiry-based, free, see also https://illustrativemathematics.org/
Open-Up Resourceshttps://openupresources.org/math-curriculum/
Middle school curriculum is the same as illustrative math (see above), high school curriculum is different.
CitizenMath https://www.citizenmath.com/
former Mathalicious. Active, applied lesson for grades 6-12

Teacher Preparation and K-8 Materials

Jo Boaler: youcubed https://www.youcubed.org/tasks/
some great activities K-8 and lots of resources
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (OER) by Michelle Manes
Open Educational Resource (HTML and PDF): http://pressbooks-dev.oer.hawaii.edu/math111/
Big Ideas in Mathematics for Future Teachers, Oshkosh, Wisconsin https://www.uwosh.edu/mathematics/BigIdeas
The Big Ideas in Mathematics for Future Teachers series has six textbooks.The first two books in the series can be used in a standard two-course sequence of mathematics for elementary teachers:

Number and Operations (updated Summer 2019).
Geometry and Data Analysis (updated Summer 2019)

The subsequent four books in the series are intended for use in mathematics teaching major and minor programs:

Modern Algebra (updated Summer 2019)
Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
Infinite Processes (updated Summer 2019)
Probability and Statistics

You can download the "Big Ideas in Mathematics for Future Teachers" books from the above link.

"Investigations" -- Inquiry-centered mathematics curriculum for K-5
Related Teacher PD: Mt. Holyoke Summer Programs for Teachers http://mathleadership.org/programs/summer-institutes/
Realistic Mathematics Education
Freudenthal, guided reinvention, realistic math vs. mechanistic math, Freudenthal Institue
K-8: Math in the City & Young Mathematicians at Work
Based on Realistic Math Education
Math in the City: Workshops, Summer Institutes, Materials: http://education.ccny.cuny.edu/mitcccny/
Young Mathematicians at Work: Teacher Preparation and PD ( https://www.heinemann.com/products/e03385.aspx )
NRICH - Rich mathematical tasks (K-16) http://nrich.maths.org/
NRICH promotes the learning of mathematics through problem solving.