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  • The topic index can help guide you through the various topics in our books.
  • The art connections page identifies where our books make explicit connections particular kinds or art and mathematical ideas.
  • The IBL Teaching Bibliography gives some suggestions about books and articles that we have read and used. We also list some recent writings, articles, and journals where colleagues share their ideas about and experiences with inquiry-based learning in mathematics.
  • Does IBl work? This page gives some links to studies that address the efficacy of IBL.
  • IBL Resources for courses other than MLA, in case you are looking for resources beyond our page. Let us know if you know of additions, or changes to this list of resources.
IBL classroom: Students discussing their board work.

Wouldn't it be amazing to develop a collection of IBL hubs or centers across the US where mathematics faculty could immerse themselves in a broad variety of IBL classroom experiences?


Faculty working in a small group

What do our faculty workshops actually look like? What are some of the pedagogical tools and techniques participants get to explore? In this blog, we describe a few faculty workshop activities.