IBL in other mathematics courses

While the focus of this project is on college-level mathematics courses for students in the liberal arts, our experience and expertise with the pedagogy of Inquiry-Based Learning extends far beyond this specific focus. We all routinely teach the full range of college-level mathematics courses with an inquiry-based approach with strong success: lower-level undergraduate mathematics courses including Calculus I-III, upper-level math major courses focusing on proofs, and content courses for future elementary and secondary teachers. We also work with K-12 teachers in bringing IBL techniques into their classrooms.

We maintain a collection of IBL Resources for courses other than MLA. Let us know if you know of additions, or changes to this list of resources.

Do you think it is possible to teach calculus without ANY lecture? (or any other passive teaching method like watching videos, reading the book etc.) Well, I have been teaching calculus (I, II and III) for the last 7 semesters doing just that. And I love it.


Beautiful image of a surface developed for a student project.

In this blog, I reflect on the experiences Chrissi and I had with teaching an advanced mathematics course with a strong focus on students reading and presenting mathematics.