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Our Does IBl work? page gives some links to studies that address the efficacy of IBL.

Recent Writings about IBL

PRIMUS Special Issue: "Illuminating Inquiry"

Taylor & Francis, the owner and publisher of PRIMUS, has graciously agreed to make this entire special issue freely accessible for two months: 1/4/17 - 3/4/17. (http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/upri20/current) Please read and share! To pique your interest, here is the Table of Contents for the special issue:

  • It's All About Inquiry: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation About Shared Foundations for Teaching
  • Teaching Inquiry with Linked Classes and Learning Communities
  • Teaching Inquiry to High School Teachers Through the Use of Mathematics Action Research Projects
  • Reflections on Transformative Experiences with Mathematical Inquiry: The Case of Christine
  • The Development of Teacher Knowledge in Support of Student Mathematical Inquiry
  • Constructing an Inquiry Orientation from a Learning Theory Perspective: Democratizing Access through Task Design
  • An Example of Inquiry in Linear Algebra: The Roles of Symbolizing and Brokering
  • Student Perceptions of a Mathematics Major for Prospective Elementary Teachers with and Inquiry-Based Philosophy
  • Teaching Inquiry With a Lens Toward Creativity
  • Implementing Inquiry: Ask Questions to Encourage Questions Asked
  • Turning Routine Exercises into Activities that Teach Inquiry: A Practical Guide
  • Teaching Students to Formulate Questions
  • Puzzle Pedagogy: A Use of Riddles in Mathematics Education
  • Encouraging Example Generation: A Teaching Experiment in First-Semester Calculus
  • To Each Their Own: Students Asking Questions Through Individualized Projects
  • Acting Like a Mathematician: A Project to Encourage Inquiry Early in the Math Major
  • Using Games to Engage Students in Inquiry
  • Teaching the Inquiry Process Through Experimental Mathematics
  • A Combinatorics Course with One Goals: Authentic Mathematical Inquiry

Further Resources

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