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Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

A calculus 3 class grappling with the concept of double integrals. Notice how comfortable the students are in sharing their ideas, recognizing their mistakes and change their thinking.

The class had 25 students and met two times a week for 75 minutes each and one time for 50 minutes.

Whole Class Discussions: Wait Time & Agree/Disagree

Whole Class Discussions: Agree or Disagree

For homework, students were trying to find an equation that connects two whole numbers, their least common multiple and their greatest common factor.

The video begins with one student sharing her findings. I revoice and represent her thinking. In her explanation, the student has made a distinction between the larger and the smaller number. Even though I know that that is unnecessary, I go along with her thinking. Another student asks "Does it matter?" and again I give that question back to the class without evaluating.