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Topic Index: Infinity

Currently, our books are written with a semester long course in mind. However, many of the individual chapters from different books can be grouped together to create a semester long course with a variety of topics or they can be used to supplement a topic in an exisiting course. To use this topic index, click a heading below to view the specific book chapter(s) featuring a given topic.

Discovering the Art of Mathematics: The Infinite

  • Introduction: The Infinite and New Number Systems
  • The Very Large...
  • ...and Beyond
  • Grasping Infinity
  • Rigor and Divergence
  • Sizes of Infinity
  • Georg Cantor: Champion of the Infinite
  • The Ordered and Surreal Landscapes of Infinity

Discovering the Art of Mathematics: Geometry

  • Inbetween the Dimensions — Fractals

Discovering the Art of Mathematics: Calculus

  • A Taste of Measure Theory
  • The Banach—Tarski Paradox