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Dance symmetry - Student proof 2

We found all positions for two dancers that exhibit both reflectional and 180 degree rotational symmetry. After the students discovered their conjectures, I asked them to prove that their conjectures were correct. This was our first activity of the semester and the students were new to the cycle of exploration - definitions - conjectures - proof.

trapezoid growth pattern

In 2012 the Discovering the Art of Mathematics team started reaching out to the two-year colleges. At the NEMATYC conference in 2013 we learned that many faculty are interested in support around algebra related courses.

Prof. Christine von Renesse in a mathematical conversation with a student

The following video clip was filmed in a Calculus 2 class for math majors. While transcribing the video I noticed that my story of what happened in my interaction with Loghan was different from the actual exchange that you see in the video.