IBL Workshop Videos

The following videos are taken at two different IBL workshops in 2018 facilitated by Volker Ecke and Christine von Renesse.
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Immersion in Inquiry

Our workshops usually start with Immersion in Inquiry: faculty are exploring a mathematical problem as authentic students. The facilitator(s) are modeling teaching moves

In the first video faculty are exploring the 3a+5b problem (See here) as authentic students, they are sharing their representations, ideas, and confusions.

Video Activity V1:

We suggest you focus on the interactions, rather than trying to follow the mathematical details.

  • What do the "students" do or not do?
  • What does the facilitator do?
  • How are the interactions the same or different from a regular mathematics classroom?

Supporting Group Work

Workshop at Holyoke Community College: Immersion in Inquiry - Supporting Groups

Whole Class Discussion

Workshop at Holyoke Community College: Immersion in Inquiry- Sharing out

Reflecting on Immersion in Inquiry

After the immersion in inquiry, we ask faculty how they felt as "students" in our classroom. We also ask them what they noticed the facilitators do (or not do).

Video Activity V2:

In the following video,

  • What do the facilitators do/say in this reflection phase?
  • How do the participants react? What do they notice?

Workshop Jackson College - Reflection Sequencing