IBL for Future Teachers

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Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 8:30pm

Dear Colleagues, Friends, & Supporters,

In this month's blog, Brian Jennings from Westfield State University talks about how he uses inquiry in his classes for future elementary school teachers. He also provides links to some of his wonderful explorations.

Volker just came back from co-facilitating a workshop at BMCC in NYC and we are excited to facilitate workshops at MichMATYC and the Naval Academy this fall. Of course we will also be at the joint meetings, hopefully sharing a booth again with other IBL folks.

You might have heard already that AIBL Director Stan Yoshinobu unveiled a list of some "moonshot" challenges for the IBL community. Here is the text of Stan’s talk where he introduced the challenges. Let's join him by signing up!

We hope you had a good start into the fall semester!


Julian Fleron, Phil Hotchkiss, Volker Ecke, & Christine von Renesse.

p.s. In case you have missed it: our website now allows faculty to create a free account and access teacher materials to some of our books. We are working on completing the teacher materials for all the books. Please have a look and tell us what you think.

My goal for this blog post is for you to get a sense of my philosophy and approach to one of the most enjoyable courses I teach; as well as to highlight how an IBL (inquiry-based learning) approach to the course is fundamental for the learning goals that I and my institution have for the course. You can download some of my explorations.