First Day of Class: Setting the stage and good activities

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 1:40pm

This semester we are co-teaching some of our MLA courses to learn and think more about differences and similarities in our teaching styles. One aspect we discussed is how we each start our first class. Our new blog posts on setting the stage and good activities will give you an overview of our ideas, including videos from our classes last semester. You can also download some of our favorite activities for the first day of classes.

We are getting ready to go to Santa Barbara,CA for a workshop March 6-8 (email us if you want to join us) and we are thrilled to be the keynote event at the Legacy of R. L. Moore conference in Denver, Colorado, June 19-21. We hope see you in Denver.

Student sliceform: Trophy

I'm getting ready for the first day of class of the semester, excited to meet a new group of students in my mathematics for liberal arts class. As I'm making decision about my goals, and planning my teacher actions in the classroom, I invite you to come along.

For the first day especially, we choose investigations that are easy to understand but deep in content, with multiple entry points. The following problems are a few that we have found to be good starter investigations.