Classroom Video: Whole Class Discussions

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 1:50pm

This semester we video taped four of our IBL sections and are now in the process of reviewing and editing them. Some of the resulting clips bring our new blog post about facilitating "Whole Class Discussions" (including four of our new classroom videos).

And, of course, we are in final preparations for our booth at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore in January. We hope you have time to give our latest posts a read and share your thoughts with us. For those of you planning to attend the Joint Meetings, we look forward to seeing you there—come visit our booth!

Whole Class Discussion: Show of Hands

This semester we are video taping our IBL classes and as I am watching the videos I am reflecting (again) on all the pieces necessary for a productive whole class discussion. My goal for a discussion is to make the “Big Mathematical Ideas” visible by having students construct connections between different solution strategies or attempts.