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Practicing Dame Dos in Salsa Rueda

Practicing Dame Dos in Salsa Rueda

Student practice dancing salsa rueda in a math for liberal art class. Afterwards they will investigate how to predict if and when a dancer returns to their original dance partner (dancing dame dos again and again). This investigation is the same as exploring star polygon patterns and also connects to the spirograph activities.

This video was taken in a mathematics for liberal arts class with 15 honors students. It met two times a week for 75 minutes each.

Calculus 3 Conjectures

Calculus Conjectures

A whole class discussion in Calculus 3 about the classification of maxima, minima and saddle points.
The students were given the equation for D but had to find out themselves how to use this equation
to classify a critical point. All groups wrote several examples on the wrap around blackboards to use
as classification examples.

The class had 25 students and met two times a week for 75 minutes each and one time for 50 minutes.