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Curiosity - Staging a Disagreement

Curiosity - Staging a Disagreement

Calculus 3 students reinvented the definition of directional derivative in their groups. Afterwards the students compare their different definitions in a whole class discussion. Trying to resolve the disagreement creates energy and curiosity in the classroom.

The class had 25 students and met two times a week for 75 minutes each and one time for 50 minutes.

A typical class: Volker Ecke

Discovering the Art of Mathematics

This video shows the main elements of a typical class of Volker Ecke. Notice how
different students are working on different topics and the assignments are
differentiated as well. Because of this there are no whole class discussions
happening in this class period.

This video was taken in a mathematics for liberal arts class with 30 students. It met three times a week for 50 minutes each.