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QuoteMath Explorations was meant to be a Liberal Arts requirement because it is a thinking course that helps a person expand their thinking...One of the greatest things about going to college is that you learn to look at things from a different perspective and vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteThis course in general has been a complete paradigm shift. It has absolutely blown my mind and I am sure that it has blown the minds of other students as well. Most students never get the chance to actually understand the world of mathematics - they are j vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteYou know something that I find strange? Sometimes I actually feel kind of smart mathematically. I'm not used to being able to comprehend or even work out problems in mathematics, and since this course, this new and strange phenomena has occurred. vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteOpening up the spectrum of math is how this course cleared up the misconception that math is simply computations and solving equations... Math became a wider subject in this course. vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteIt's nice to have a class in a relaxed area/environment for a change. Being treated like a person and not an inferior 'student.' vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteThis material was helpful in creating an alternative to lecture-dominated classes. I used some of these materials and modified some of them to fit my own purposes in the course. They also helped me by providing a structure which I mimicked in creating my vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteThe general approach is amazing. I love how you get to touch upon and substantially develop so much modern analysis, in this unassuming volume for liberal arts students. I also found the way you introduced the concepts very well thought-out.…The one g vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteYour materials demand more active involvement on the part of the students. No “correct” answers or interpretations are given for much of it. This forces the students to make sense of it, come up with their own meaning and communicate with classmates vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteI like the wide variety of topics, and equally diverse examples that illustrate what mathematicians find so appealing in numbers, patterns, and space. The text and exercises make connections between theory and applications (e.g. primes, congruences, and vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteI have reviewed several of Professor Fleron’s manuscripts, and I must say that they are quite fun to read. I can imagine using them for some of my mathematical outreach activities. The samples he has produced are a very good indication of his commitme vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteI am deeply impressed by the work you have done, both in its quality and in the sheer magnitude of the project.…[Discovering the Art of Mathematics – Geometry] is a fresh approach to geometry for undergraduates who are not mathematics majors. The choi vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteFor me, the main purpose of a course in mathematics in the liberal arts (an MLA course) is to get the students in it to use their heads… MLA courses give them other benefits as well—widening their cultural horizons, improving their writing, and so o vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteThe structure of the packets [chapters] and the variety of exercises was very good. The structure lent itself to a class in which students take primary responsibility and engage in the mathematical process. As this was a primary goal for me, the packets vecke07 years 8 months ago
QuoteDiscovering the Art of Number Theory is delightful… When I was teaching an MLA courses here at Penn State… I never found a text that was close to what I needed. Prof. Fleron’s text fits the bill… [And] what is so nice is the fact that this is ver vecke07 years 8 months ago