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Whole Class Discussions: Repeat or Ask Question

Whole Class Discussions: Repeat or Ask Question

Students are investigating Salsa Rueda dancing. The question is how to predict if you will dance with every leader/follower given n pairs and only dancing dame k (Salsa Rueda chapter in the Dance Book). Prior to the scene in the video, I asked a student to share her conjecture with the class because she had done the greatest number of examples and I knew that her work would be a great resource for the class. We see the student explain her conjecture.

Whole Class Discussions: Revoicing and Recording

Whole Class Discussions: Revoicing

The students are trying to prove why the finger trick of determining the multiples of 9 works. We see one student explain her thinking. I ask if someone can repeat her reasoning. As the second student revoices, I silently represent her thinking on the board. Notice that I do not evaluate in either case whether the thinking is correct or complete. Instead I continue with a new question that connects this idea back to the original problem.