Inquiry in "first year only" courses: student voices

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 2:15pm

Dear Colleagues, Friends, & Supporters,

It was wonderfully energizing to connect with many of you, faculty, friends, and students at the Joint Math Meetings in San Diego! Now working on enlivening that sense of personal connection, community, and inspiration closer to home, as well...

The impact of inquiry-based learning on students is not limited to mathematics content objectives. In this month's blog, Phil Hotchkiss describes his "first year only" mathematics for liberal arts course and shares student voices. In her end-of semester reflection, a student writes: "I really feel as though I learned from this course, not only as a math student, but just as a student as a whole."

If you or a colleague are looking for ways to dive more deeply into planning a new IBL course for the next academic year, you may be excited to hear that a few spots are still open in this summer's residential AIBL workshops. Here's the opportunity!


Julian Fleron, Phil Hotchkiss, Volker Ecke, & Christine von Renesse

p.s. In case you have missed it: our website now allows faculty to create a free account and access teacher materials to some of our books. We are working on completing the teacher materials for all the books. Please have a look and tell us what you think.

In this blog, Phil Hotchkiss describes his experience in teaching a "first year only" mathematics for liberal arts course. He explains several components of his course and uses students quotes to show the positive impact on his students.